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The tank container has proven to be a safe and reliable means of transporting bulk liquids and provides an alternative to the use of drums reducing the carbon footprint and radically reducing the exposure of the environment to damaging pollution though spillage and other potential product escape. As a near perfectly recyclable unit the inherent cost, labour intensive, waste and disposal problems associated with drums can be alleviated.


Our typical tank specification comprises a single compartment insulated tank with steam heating and with capacities varying from 17,500 to 26,000 litres. Specialised configurations, including lined tanks, are available for a wide range of applications, including those for the most hazardous and aggressive materials.


A continuing programme of investment coupled with comprehensive monitoring and maintenance procedures ensures that we are at all times able to offer an extensive range of modern, high quality equipment able to meet the most demanding requirements.


Each country has it’s own regulations covering the specification of containers for different types of materials and Interflow maintains a comprehensive database of this information to assist it’s shippers. We ensure that our own equipment meets the regulations and requirements for all major operating areas including IMDG, CSC, IIR, ADR/RID, SNCF, AAR 600 and CTC. In addition, compliance with any additional local requirements that may be applicable can be secured where appropriate.

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