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Since our establishment in 1946, NRS Corporation has been engaged in the supply of equipment and logistics services of petrochemical and other chemical products as our core business. We have been able to establish ourselves as one of the world's leading companies in domestic and international logistic not only in the chemical fields, but also in such varied fields as medical supplies, food cargoes and radioisotopes for medical treatment and research. We thank to our valued customers for your loyal support over the years. The goods we handle are something essential to modern society. It is no exaggeration to say that we are here to protect human life and environment by providing our logistic services securely, safely and efficiently.

We are proudly taking up our mission of providing high quality logistics service as our contribution to the society. While many Japanese businesses are engaged in severe competition as they strive to make the transition to a borderless economy, so too in the logistics fields there is demand for safer and more efficient logistics service. NRS Corporation will continue to commit firmly to our motto of safety, quality and reliability of our service based on the trust we have gained from Japanese customers and widen it worldwide to become world's leading company of dangerous goods logistics.

Since our establishment, our business philosophy has been based on the idea that even it is small, a diamond still shines brightly. We believe that our continuous challenge to meet our customer's needs by providing qualified logistics service as well as contribute to society will make us the company with much closer trust and appreciation from you.

I greatly appreciate your continuous encouragement and support to us.

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